Sunday, September 2, 2012

EHI vs. STP in Davies and Fischer 2009

Comparison of 0-1 km EHI and fixed STP (2003 version; CIN not included) from "Environmental Characteristics Associated with Nighttime Tornadoes" (Davies and Fischer 2009).  This paper utilized a database of 1705 RUC proximity soundings associated with supercells east of the Rockies from 2001-2006... in order to study discrimination of thermodynamic and vertical shear parameters among the subsets of daytime non-tornadic, daytime weak tornadic, daytime sig tornadic, nighttime nontornadic, nighttime weak tornadic, and nighttime sig tornadic supercells.  For brevity's sake, STP (among other discussions) had to be excluded from the paper.  The STP graphic (in two "pieces" above) was hand-drawn by Jon, and while I briefly mentioned its relative discriminatory ability when presenting the paper at the 2009 NWA conference... it hasn't otherwise been seen.  Click to enlarge the images.  Full paper viewable at

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